How much will this cost?

When looking for a provider to help with relationship challenges or mood concerns, knowing the cost of services can be an important first step. 

Your first session will be a more in-depth appointment that will focus on sharing information about you and your history in order to narrow down the targeted need for therapy and to find the most appropriate treatment options for the goals you have. Therefore, your first session will have a higher cost than the duration of your therapy. 

Individual Therapy

  • Initial intake individual session: $200
  • 55-minute individual follow-up sessions: $140
  • Extended sessions are prorated at $35/quarter-hour

Couple's Therapy

  • Initial intake couples session: $250 
  • 55-minute couples follow-up sessions: $180
  • Extended sessions are prorated at $45/quarter-hour

How can I pay for sessions?

Payment for each session will occur at the time of service via credit card, debit card, HSA/FSA card, or cash.

You will receive a receipt for your records (paper and/or electronic)

Do you accept my insurance?

Since our inception, we choose not to work directly with insurance companies because many clients find the confidentiality is imperative within couples therapy and general mental health treatment. This allows us to honor the sacredness of your healing just between us rather than having a 3rd party involved.

However, our office can work with you to facilitate the exchange of information with your insurance company. I am happy to provide a detailed receipt that you can submit for possible reimbursement. 

If you are interested in reimbursement from your insurance, this differs between individual and couple's therapy. Many insurance companies will cover 50-80% of our fees. Please contact your insurance company for specific details of your coverage for an Out of Network provider.