SEASONS of intimacy

A healthy relationship acknowledges the seasons of intimacy.

  • Our sexual connection feels like it’s in a drought and going nowhere.

  • How can we improve a perfect relationship?

  • The distance between me and my parter is growing, how can I stop it?

  • I can’t seem to get enough of my partner!

  • We seem to be sexually incompatible - one of us wants more and the other needs less.

Find ways to help your sexual intimacy thrive no matter which season you are experiencing together.

Here are a few options, and if you seem to feel stuck in a season, lean into it, ask questions, and remember the changing seasons.

For those who feel like it’s perpetually winter and the connection in areas of emotional intimacy and closeness are also affected, consider contacting your couple’s therapist or a relationship therapist near you. Send me a message HERE, and I can help with referrals or recommendations.