10-minutes can change your relationship forever

When couples come to therapy, there is often a question of "how did we get here?" or "how can we get back to where we once were?" These two questions are a great place to start when a couple is considering returning to a place of intimate connection. 

Think of this...10 minutes a day, focusing on connecting with each other can lead to more than 60 hours of connection each year! Imagine now how that can affect your relationship.

Perhaps that may look like 10 minutes of talking in bed.

1/6 of an hour sitting at the counter drinking coffee.

600 seconds talking about the day, asking questions, offering understanding.

10 minutes reading together on the couch.

10 minutes sitting on the porch quietly.

That might be 10 minutes of reading aloud.

10 minutes cooking with each other.

10 minutes of snuggling.

10 minutes of talking...Or listening.

10 minutes of undivided attention.

10 minutes of deliberate connection. 

Just 10 minutes a day can be the difference between connection and separation. 

How are you going to spend the next ten minutes of your life to improve your relationship?