FREE DATE NIGHT IDEAS - inspired by my kids

When considering ways to get out, enjoy your relationship and have fun with your partner, it's easy to get caught up in the overall cost of the experience rather than the benefits it will bring. The sheer cost of food, gas, tickets, childcare (no joke!), admission, transportation, and other essentials or non-essentials can undoubtedly prevent anyone from investing in the essentials of dating your spouse or partner. 

In my life of parenting 3 boys, I've experienced a few "money back guarantee" adventures with my kids that can easily play into great date nights that cost little to nothing. 

Don't let the idea of finances hold you back from holding onto your relationship more tightly!

Scroll down and find a few that you loved doing as a child, then experience and share the joy!

Here you go!

  1. fly a kite
  2. make s'mores
  3. build a blanket fort
  4. play in the sprinkler
  5. play flash light tag at night
  6. have a staring contest
  7. wash the car
  8. race to the door
  9. find a 4-leaf clover
  10. go stargazing
  11. play tag
  12. play in the baby pool
  13. go for a lazy walk
  14. have a pj day
  15. search for animal tracks
  16. catch fireflies
  17. rent a movie from the library
  18. play in the rain
  19. lie in the grass
  20. play hide and go seek
  21. skip rocks
  22. swing high and jump off
  23. read stories to each other
  24. create an obstacle course
  25. nap :)
  26. build sand castles
  27. swing in a hammock together
  28. pick wildflowers
  29. jump in puddles
  30. look for shapes in the clouds
  31. climb trees
  32. make shadow puppets
  33. visit the pet store
  34. thumb wrestle
  35. feed the ducks
  36. host a neighborhood kickball game
  37. take a bubble bath
  38. water the plants
  39. tell ghost stories
  40. ride bikes
  41. camp out in the backyard
  42. water balloon fight
  43. go berry picking
  44. play catch
  45. do a puzzle
  46. play a board game
  47. go fishing
  48. water gun fight
  49. draw with sidewalk chalk
  50. visit a farm