A habitual connection

Our actions, words, and promises can become commonplace in relationships. 

Consider what you meant the last time you said "I love you" to your partner. Was this said with a purpose to reinforce the intimacy you have and honor the connection you have with each other? Or, was this said to fill space? Was it said in place of another statement like "have a good day" or "see ya"? These three words hold a powerful means of connection and communicate a vibrancy in couples that is not seen often in any other context. For example, "I love pizza". The connection is there, but the meaning behind it varies significantly from one context to the next. 

Think about other areas where one can sink easily into a routine in relationships...
What about holding hands? Or sharing a meal? Going to bed at the same time? What about date night? Or how about those vows you perhaps stated to each other in front of at least one witness? 

How can your words, actions, and promises hold more significance? Perhaps mindfully pulling them out of the obligatory nature of what should be said/done/experienced in your relationship and giving these gifts honor when you give them and when you receive them.