Communication Tip: Establishing a Culture of Curiosity

When choosing to open the door and enter into a culture of curiosity, your partnership and relationship become abundant in questions and establishes a value of understanding and not just a drive to feel understood. 


Communication Tip: Establishing a Culture of Curiosity

Ever wonder what your partner was thinking when he or she said something off color or out of place? Did you happen to follow up that curiosity with a question? 

Questions can be as simple as...

Can you tell me more?
And then what happened?
Would you describe that for me again?
How did that affect the rest of your day?
How can I help?
Do you need me to help or just listen?
Would you like to know what I think?
Can I offer a thought or two?
When was the last time you felt this way?
Would you mind if I just sit with you in this?
I don’t think I fully understand, can you try saying that in a different way?
I’m feeling misunderstood, can I ask more questions?
What you’re saying is important to me; would you mind letting me slow down and process what you are saying?

When you ask your partner questions, you're inviting the relationship to join you in the dialogue. You are respecting each other and the story you are creating together. 

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