At home therapy: managing chronic conflicts

Conflict management tip: 

Every relationship encounters "stuck points" or conflicts that seem chronic or perpetual. 
These are the conflicts in your relationship that seem to stem from the exact same root argument each time.

"Didn't we JUST have an argument about this?"
"Why does it always come back to THIS?"

These are commonly referred to as "perpetual conflicts" and can find resolution by choosing to accept the non-negotiable areas and compromising on the smaller items. 

For example: 
A couple is arguing frequently on the amount of time one partner is spending on work-related tasks at home. 
The non-negotiable is that he is required to complete these tasks before the day's end. 
The negotiables may include the location of time, possible breaks that would include time w/ the other partner, ways to include the partner in connection (sitting in the same room, perhaps), or even helping problem-solve. Brainstorm ways to improve the situation by compromising on the small things.

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