Appetite for Connection

Tip for building intimacy:

Ever find that once you start having late night snacks, it's hard to stop? You've created an appetite that your body/mind connection feels should be satisfied. 

We can generate a similar emotional and even physiological response to our partner by choosing to connect - deliberate actions to find ways to turn toward each other, build into each other on purpose, and deepen the connection within your relationship. This may not be as simple as it may seem, particularly if your only method of connection has been sharing a remote. 

Try these simple techniques:
Finding ways to increase your appetite for connection can be as simple as increasing the frequency of small gestures like:

  • sitting near each other
  • physical touch (holding hands, lying close in bed, hugging, kissing, sexual intimacy)
  • laughing together
  • sitting in the same booth at a restaurant instead of across from each other
  • taking after dinner walks together
  • reading together
  • playing board games or card games together

Find simple ways to initiate this "change in appetite" and seek ways to satisfy it often.

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