G I V E {a little} L O V E

How much does happiness cost?

"Money can't buy happiness," right? Well, it can at least buy a smile. 

Try this next time you're at the checkout counter:

*Ask your cashier what kind of candy bar in the checkout lane shelf is his favorite. Then select that item from the shelf. Hand it to him. Watch the expression change!

Now, consider how even the small things can render a big effect. 

What small thing can you do for your partner today that will generate a smile?

  • Purchase a pack of gum and put it in his car's cup-holder
  • Leave love art on the bathroom mirror using dry erase markers
  • Hide little notes in the pockets of random items in her closet
  • Set his coffee cup out in the morning
  • Leave a $5 coffee gift card on the seat of the car
  • Get a stack of the 2 for $1 greeting cards from the dollar store and set a reminder on your phone to set out a new card each morning of an entire week 

*This great idea courtesy of my remarkable Mother-in-Law