3 Essentials for Effective Communication and Healthy Conflict

Relationships face conflict. It’s inevitable. How can we simplify the process of conflict, arguing, and disagreements?

  • “What do I do when I need to have a difficult conversation with someone I love?”

  • “How can I tell my partner how much this upsets me without ruining our relationship?”

  • “What is the most straight-forward method for arguing well in relationships?”

Well, the next time you have something to say or need to hear in your relationship, job, family, or any other face-to-face interaction, remember these 3 essentials for effective communication. These are 3 steady concepts appearing repeatedly throughout dozens of couple’s therapy books and conflict management materials. Find a way that can help you remember them (perhaps mixing up the letters for a handy acronym or mnemonic device, or practice a few times with a friend).
Put together, they're a sure game changer.

3 steps for effective conflict.png