Prioritize The Relationship over The Resource

I've seen several articles lately about the benefit of grandparents and the help of extended family when raising a family. As I read these pieces, there seems to be a strong disconnect between the relationship and the resource. This can lead to damaged relationships and family discord.

Let this be the gentle reminder to TEND TO THE RELATIONSHIP FIRST.


-Send texts or make phone calls that don't necessarily include a request for help with a task.

-Create space for those family members to also feel cared for in tangible ways (bring a coffee to them, send a card, buy them a gas card, offer to help carry in groceries or their trash cans).

-Cultivate the relationship through deliberate connections (get creative with this - big or small, it can make a great impact on developing healthy relationships that feel mutually satisfying)

-And remember, say "Thank You,” it goes a long way.

Relationship over Resource