Reducing resistance in your relationship + Experiencing renewed passion

So, you’re looking for ways to reduce the resistance to difficult times together and accept them as ways to experience transformation personally and within your relationship?

Reducing your resistance to difficult times could mean identifying when you or your partner are avoiding conflict or connection. We can avoid conflict when we notice a conversation heading south and choose to walk away and burry the issue since it feels it is one of those concerns that has no real solution and you’ve been arguing about the same thing since day one. Avoiding connection can happen when your partner reaches over to you in bed and you pretend to be asleep or you avoid waking up early in the morning because that means just another silent meal together. Avoidance is resistance to difficult times and challenges in relationships. But good relationships don’t experience victories without encountering the challenges.

Experiencing renewed passion can occur when you and your partner set to rediscover the “WHY” in your relationship. Many couples who have said vows to each other in a commitment or marriage ceremony had a moment to voice the “WHY” behind their relationship. Perhaps it’s time to revisit those or generate new sense of purpose in your relationship.

When developing the WHY, some couples choose one word: Freedom, compassion, ease, growth, undone. Other families may choose a phrase: To learn from all that surrounds us; to experience the world together; to cultivate teamwork in our choices and our home; to create and explore together; to lean into challenges with perseverance. There may be a famous quote or spiritual verse or passage that is your WHY that acts as a compass for your relationship. Whatever you choose as your WHY, it is there to help navigate the partnership you have, help re-center you when you’re overwhelmed, limit you from over doing it and set up your relationship to thrive!

Reducing resistance in your relationship and experiencing renewed passion