Holidays and grieving

When hugging a friend this weekend who recently encountered loss, my soul ached for her as this holiday season would likely hold a host of heavy emotions. 

You too may have experienced a recent loss or the holidays may invite a weight of seemingly agonizing emotions as any anniversary or celebration without your loved one would have. 

While "merry" may seem far from the description you'd choose for this season, it still can be "good."

Find ways to invite memories and moments to honor those whose physical presence you ache to have near. Also, find ways to even amuse yourself with healthy distractions, entertaining, and self-care. 
Have a short list of those you can call or text when the ache feels too heavy to shoulder alone. 

And when those around you wish you a "Merry Christmas," know that you are in the process of defining a new kind of "merry," and for now, it can simply be "good."

holiday grief