The Novel You've Been Working on For Years:

Relationship Connection Tip:

Building a relationship together also means creating shared meaning. 

For this exercise, step back and look at the different eras of your relationship as a couple as though they were, are, or will be chapters in your relationship novel. Take some time to reflect on your life as a couple, keeping in mind that this is your novel and you can love every chapter of it, even those that are painful and perplexing.

What would your relationship novel cover look like? What color would it be? Who would you dedicate your novel to? What would the chapter titles be? What is your current chapter title? When looking at the heroes and heroines in your story, how are they growing? What are some of the titles or section titles that you would like to include in future chapters? 

relationship novel

Adapted From: Kirk D. Strosahl & Patricia J. Robinson. “In This Moment.” iBooks.