Bridges to Understanding

Creating reliable access to understanding in your relationship is better than any map you'll find. Here are 4 communication tools to help you build these bridges for a thriving partnership leading to greater understanding. 

Providing access to your partner to mutually understand each other sends an invitation for connection and respect. 

What can these bridges look like? It's the little things. If you parse out the supplies required to build a literal bridge, the smaller items would far outnumber the larger scale pieces. Similarly, in relationships, make the little things the BIG things. 

Words: "Let's sit and talk for a bit", "when you hear the words ___, what does that make you think?", or "What does ___ remind you of?"; a timely text; an inside joke between the two of you, terms of endearment or nicknames, and an exorbitant value is placed on gratitude. A compliment, word of appreciation and thanks are worth their weight in gold!

 Skin-to-skin: a hand, a kiss, moving closer, a 20-second hug, a brush of the arm or back when passing in the kitchen or the hall, a massage

Time: a long drive, a slow walk, a hike, sitting next to each other while watching a show, date night, star gazing, cloud watching, going to bed at the same time together

Small tokens: a pack of gum or mints, a bunch of store-bought or hand-picked wild flowers, a hand-written note, a wink & a smile

The bridges you develop to understanding can soon become your own version of "all roads lead to Rome". Difficulty and conflict in relationships are inevitable, but the more bridges you build, the higher the likelihood your relationship will thrive through it all.