connection vs. distraction

Intimacy tip: 

Build a stronger connection with your partner by identifying what things are distracting you from being fully present with your partner. 

A text notification on the phone in your pocket or on the table can unintentionally distract you from being present during a conversation. 

The dog's enthusiastic "hello" upon your return home can keep you from fully embracing your partner with a similar enthusiasm. 

Social media can connect you to many others but can also lead to distracting you from being PRESENT with your partner. 

While all of these distractions on their own are not bad, harmful, or destructive in and of themselves. However, try intentionally DISCONNECTING from the distraction for an hour each day for the next few weeks or month. Test it out. See how it helps you CONNECT mindfully with your partner. 

Send me a message to let me know how it worked and if you have any other suggestions. I'd love to hear!

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