At Home Therapy: Bridge the Chasm

Connection with your partner can feel out of reach and nearly impossible. 

Oftentimes, this disconnect happens over time and not something that a couple notices as the drifting occurs.

You may be sitting, staring at the blank space between you and your partner, wondering, "How did we drift this far from each other? How can we even begin to reconnect?"

A small solution to bridge this seemingly vast chasm is as simple as creating a "Fun List" for you and your partner. 
So, sit together and jot down at least ten things that would be fun (consider it a relationship bucket list) and make sure to check off at least one item off your list each month. 

Take some inspiration from here and get your Fun List started!

  • Outdoor activities: trail walks, hiking, geocaching, scavenger hunt
  • Local activities: make a list of local restaurants you'd like to try together, get lost in your own neighborhood - just drive around without a map and find new places, find a local karaoke event, line dancing, people watching at a mall
  • Find novelty: learn a new skill together (dancing, singing, art, skating, skiing, building, cooking classes)
  • Explore: travel together, plan a stay-cation, go camping, create maps, discover new places
  • At home: take an online class, plan a game night w/ board games or card games, make a themed dinner, have a meal on the floor, cook together, paint or redecorate a room together, create a treasure hunt

The options are endless!  Pinterest the mess out of your list :)

Love well.
Love often.