Two worlds - an invitation for exploration and understanding

The book from decades ago depicting that men and women are from two different planets was a great start. However, perhaps simplifying this complex communication experience down to a difference in gender missed the mark. 

Whenever we communicate with our partner (or anyone for that matter), we need to extend the greatest of hospitality to that person.

Welcome him to your world.

Let him know you are here to answer questions on "why was that important to you" and "how does that even work". 

And, as we tread on the unfamiliar world of the other, we too should walk in gentle curiosity. Asking questions that start with HOW, WHY, WHAT, and HELP ME UNDERSTAND. 

Consider it your mission to curiously walk through your partner's world and create hospitality for your partner to enter your world. As explorers, seek to understand, to welcome differences, and to experience the beauty of sharing worlds.

love well. 
love often.