Love: After that, what remains?

Tip for building connection: 
When you look at your relationship, perhaps you can easily identify your accomplishments, your setbacks, your titles, your conflicts, your moves, your faults, your gained materials. 

But, take a moment now to strip down your relationship to just the two of you. 

Your partner.

Consider your initial commitment to each other - your vows, perhaps. 
If you have wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, or even matching tatoos...consider their symbolism for your relationship. 

What do you notice about your reaction to the simplicity of just the two of you?
How can you translate this into other interactions with each other throughout the day? How can you communicate this experience with your partner?

One set of clients I see often identify the mantra of their relationship as "You and me against the world". 

When it comes to your partnership, that is what holds value.  
Find you. Find love.

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